Seven Sultry Sexcapades


A Steamy Caribbean Love Affair. Provocative and Racy, the book delves into a World of Sex, Pleasure and Passion.


Seven Sultry Sexcapades is an erotic novel that tells the story of a hot, vivacious, provocative, mature, sensuous Caribbean woman who fully enjoys using her sexual prowess without hesitation, limitations or expectations.


3 Things You Should Know. FYI

Before you purchase it's only fair that you know what to expect

An Original Masterpiece
Hands Down. One of the best erotic novels written for the 21st century
Cultural Diversity
Features a wide assortment of Caribbean men from different islands
A Quick Read
The book is short and sweet, not long and drawn out with too many chapters before you get to the good stuff

So What Is Seven Sultry Sexcapades Really All About?

It is written specifically for the average working woman, the single mother, the overworked female executive, the university professor and even a grandmother who wants to get her groove back. For anyone who reads this book, they will be transported into another world and that their sex engine will be revved up and ready to go. This book was written for any woman who needs a mental sexcape in a short space of time.

Chapter One

Mr. Caramel Man

Mr. Caramel man took my shawl and I asked him if he needed help with anything. He said no thanks and I went into the living room and sat on the love seat. A few minutes later, he called out and asked me if I would like some white zinfandel. I said that would be great. He came out with the wine and a brandy for himself. We sat in silence for a few seconds then out of nowhere he asked me, “What do you want”? I was forty years old so I did not do the pretend game of not knowing where he was coming from.

Chapter Two

The Gardener

I put in one of the videos that Lovie gave me several months ago but I never had the time to look at it until now. I got my pink, battery operated vibrator with the hook at the end and sunk into the warm bath water. It felt so relaxing as I lay my head back and looked at the video. It was the usual guys with big dicks and women sucking them until they came in their mouths. It did the trick because next thing I know, I grabbed the vibrator, pushed it into my dripping pussy and went to work on it.

Chapter Three

Hung Like a Horse

While in the bathroom, I used my feminine wipes to freshen up and also my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Mitch had the same mouthwash I use so I rinsed my mouth. Since I didn't have anything but the clothes I came with, I decided to simply go out in my birthday suit. Mitch was sitting up against the headboard of the bed with only his boxers. He had loosened his locks and they were laying on the front of his body. I took a few seconds to peruse and loved what I saw.

Chapter Four

Dark Chocolate

The first instruction was to lift up my dress and take off my panty. I wasn't wearing any so it was time for instruction number two. I was told to sit on the edge of the desk, then slide my hips to the very edge. The third instruction was to open my legs. By this time, I could feel the love juice flowing from my sugar apple. To my amazement, Augustus knelt down under me, angled his mouth under my pussy, and as the juices began to drip from my body, he caught each drop with his tongue.

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The Testimonials

Normally I would tell you take my word for it but I believe it's BEST that you here it from actual customers who have purchased and read the book.

Linda Watson

Just awesome. If you like steamy with a wonderful raunchy capturing story you will LOVE this book. When you get done, you will have to read the whole thing I couldn't put it down.

Trevor Cutoo

Amazing! Well, I was just looking for a short free book to read and this was recommended by a friend of mine so I read it. Talk about being erotic. And it was surprising erotic at that. Other than being short that it was good, especially the Caribbean. I've been to some of the Caribbean islands so I had a good mental picture.

Sheryl Crichlow

Great Book. There are books that you don't want to stop reading, this is one of them. So I ask this now, where is Seven Sultry Sexcapades part two? I WANT TO READ IT NOW!! I'm curious to know who she screws next. LOL

Arthur Dubway

Worth Every Cent. I really loved this book. It wasn't what I expected it to be in the best of ways. How Allisson described the main charater experiences made it easily identifiable as to what any woman could have gone through if she's willing to explore her sexuality. Realistic and likable. Looking forward to reading more.

About The Author

My name is Allisson Cato. I am a very romantic, passionate, and affectionate island woman. Most of my upbringing has been in America. I live my life with a balance between my Caribbean values and American culture.

Allisson Cato

I don't subscribe to the traditional norms where it's "taboo" for a woman to explore her sexuality. I believe if something feels good, then enjoy it.

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